Free Healthcare Program

During a recent study, we found that due to the COVID19 pandemic general patients are hesitating to visit the hospital as they are scared of contracting the virus. Moreover, the lock down has resulted in a scarcity of transportation. This combination has resulted in a decline in patient numbers, even though the Outpatient and Inpatient services of Kumudini Hospital remain open (and have been since the beginning of this crisis).


 In an innovative move to ensure that patients continue to receive quality medical care the Kumudini Hospital Medical team has taken health care services to the door step of the general patients. We have started our outreach Tele Medicine program in the communities adjacent to our Hospital. Our medical assistants (equipped with PPE and other safety measures) are going to the community with Laptops and connecting patients with the doctors in the hospital. Thus, we are serving over 150 patients a day (free of cost).  Our teams are visiting 18 villages a week.